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ZENMUSE M1 ( Osmo Mobile ) – Handheld Gimbal for your Smartphone

by 9to5dji

Another day another leak regarding DJI’s new products. The ZENMUSE M1 is DJI’s latest gimbal. The ZENMUSE M1 is designed to hold your smartphone and is based on the DJI Osmo. It is confirmed the existing Osmo handle ( or the newly released Osmo+ ) will be compatible with it. A firmware update will be required

The handle that comes with the bundle is likley to be the same as the existing Osmo and that existing owners will just be able to order the M1 gimbal and not an entire unit. It will support the latest smartphones but true to DJI with it’a GO App will likley be optimised for the iPhone range of smartphones. The handle shipped as part of the “Combo” will be the same one as ships with the Osmo+ ( with a 1225 mAh “High Capacity” battery as opposed to the standard 980 mAh one ).

This new device fits in with something I thought DJI were going to release a few weeks back, the “Osmo Mobile“, the FCC test details also refers to this name. If this is the case, the device is likely to use Bluetooth connection between smartphone and gimbal.

Price wise it is rumored to be around $200. Like with most DJI products when released, it will be available to buy on announcement day and shipped within 10 to 15 working days.

The Zenmuse M1 Handheld Gimbal will likely be officially announced at the IFA Tradeshow in Berlin on Sept. 1st ( or at the Photokina in late September ) .

Zenmuse M1 Zenmuse M1
DJI Zenmuse M1 Osmo Mobile

The clue to what DJI’s announcement was to be was in the image of their teaser about the event.
DJI Osmo Mobile -Zenmuse M1

Source: FCC ID and SB-DJI

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