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Will the Phantom 4 be a Yuneec Typhoon H Killer?

by 9to5dji

Recently, Yuneec announced their new UAV, the Typhoon H. On the surface it seems the Typhoon H is aimed at beating DJI at making an UAV with some very cool features that the Phantom 3 does not have, 6 rotors, front sonar, retractable legs, AIO controller. All the things to make most UAV enthusiasts need a change of pants.

But have they really jumped DJI here? Or have they just made a drone that’s only marginally better than the Phantom 3 Pro. Will the Phantom 4 blow it out of the sky?

Well, if DJI’s past in bringing out products that beat its rivals to the ground is anything to go by, its seems likely the P4 will be better.

So, what will the Phantom 4 likely have that beats the Typhoon H?

1: Better camera. Its not a case of IF the P4 will have a better camera than the Yuneec Typhoon H its just a question of how much better it will be. the Yuneec has already been criticised for having an old camera already that’s ONLY capable of 4k @ 30fps and 12 mega pixels stills. This only matched the P3. Although not announced yet, expect the Phantom 4 to at a minimum do 4k @ 60fps and 16 mega pixel stills. the only thing the Typhoon has going for it camera wise is the fact its does 360 rotation, something not confirmed on the Phantom 4.
2: Flight distance. The Phantom 4 is guaranteed to have Lightbridge as its means of connectivity to the controller. We might well also see it get Lightbridge 2. The Yuneec cannot compete with the P3 let alone the P4 in this regard. The Typhoon H is also lacking Glonass so satellite count will not be as good as the P3.
3: Battery capacity. The flight time of the Yuneec Typhoon H is 22 minutes on paper and the Phantom 4 is 23. Now paper and real time is never the same so with the P3, 18 minutes is a good safe flight time, and the typhoon H is likely going to be something similar ( no idea yet as its not available ). The leaked pictures of the Phantom 4 does show a wider battery so this is likely to give more flight time. Expect something like 20 to 25% increase, giving it a realistic flight time of 21.5 to 22.5 minutes.
4: Object avoidance. The Typhoon was announced at CES with bells and whistles surrounding its object avoidance capability. But this was a clever way to generate some buzz. In reality the system demonstrated at CES was an Intel Realsense system that will NOT be on the Yuneec at point of sale, it might become available as a separate addon. The Intel Realsense also made the Typhoon look as though it was on crack with it’s crazy movements.
The built in front facing sonar of the Yuneec seems very basic and only functions well in what’s described as “Turtle Mode”.
the Phantom 4 leaked images show a similar front sonar as well as a similar VPS type sensors on the bottom. Its yet to be seen what this is capable of and if its any better than the Yuneec offering.
5: Everything else. I know it sounds very bias towards DJI ( no they don’t pay me although I am open to freebies ) but up until now, NOTHING in the same league as the Phantom 3 is anywhere close to better than it. There is NO reason to expect the Phantom 4 to be outdone by any other product ( in its class ) this side of 2016 and beyond if DJI continue where they left off with the P3.

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Marco 18th February 2016 - 16:53

What a terrible comparison. Yuneec has Glonass, excellent customer service and almost no fly aways.
Intel real sense is not only an option it depends what you choose basic vs full package. DJI is just old, ugly and too expensive, even the phantom 4.

My Van Nguyen 11th March 2016 - 00:42

The real killer for the Yuneec H is the DJI price advantage. It is difficult for a consumer not to pick a less expensive reliable product loaded with solid innovative features like the avoidance collision, return to home failsafe, advanced follow-me mode, etc.

I am looking forward to save money to buy a new Phantom 4 in the future..


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