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Will the Osmo X5 Adapter Support the Inspire RC?

by 9to5dji

Now that DJI have finally released the X5 adapter for the Osmo, they fact it supports the Focus device via a built in CAN-Bus port on the front, the first think I thought was “Wil thye make it support the Inspire 1 RC?”.

For what stupid reason would I want this I hear you ask. Well, for using the Focus you will end up needing another operator to pull that focus, so, why not have the other operator controlling the direction the camera point in instead, just like you  can with the dual operator on the Inspire 1?

Osmo X5 Can-Bus

It might sound very crazy and far out of an idea but so was the Osmo supporting the Focus via a port on the front when I posted about it some time back. 🙂 Lets hope DJI do this..

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