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Where NOT to buy an Osmo in the UK

by 9to5dji

Some might be searching Google for places to buy the DJI Osmo in the UK. Below I have listed some of the places that come up ( especially in Google Ads ) that I believe should be avoided unless you are happy with a lot of hassle.

1: SLRHut. These seem to pop up with unbelievable low prices for almost any photography equipment, including the Osmo for £499.99. There is a chance you will receive the product but it looks a tad too good to be true. Reviews of SLRHut are also a hit an miss. Also, the ASA Firewall filtering in my Office flagged it as a potential Malware site 🙂
SLRHut Malware

2: pro-vision.co.uk. Screams Grey Imports to me.. Very little details about the company, Postcode shows nothing on Google Maps. Hss its own written reviews, no independent ones. Seems to be a spin off of http://www.grantselectronics.co.uk/. Also no SSL when clicking checkout on the site. I would avoid this place like a kick in the nuts.

3: simplyelectronics.net. Just a bit too risky and gets hit and miss reviews. – https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.simplyelectronics.net

It’s just my personal opinion, but the three sites above, although seem to push heavily on Google Ads to appear in the search for an Osmo, should be avoided. Buy from DJI, Amazon or other reputable companies. You might pay a few pounds more but overall get a better experience.

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