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Where is the Osmo Handle Kit?

by 9to5dji

Many are waiting for the DJI Osmo Handle Kit to ship so they can attach the Inspire’s X3 camera to it and are screaming “Where is my handle kit I ordered weeks ago?!”. Well, the simple answer is, it has not yet shipped.

Although frustrating, I think there is a good reason the handle kit is not shipping, the firmware to make it work is not available yet. For the X3 ( and the X5 that will also need an adapter plate to mount it ), the firmware needed to make them work with the Osmo is still in testing ( I say it will be available very soon ) so there is no point in DJI shipping the handle as the very same vocal people who are asking why its not shipped will be the very same saying they have a handle they cannot do anything with.

I am sure DJI will ship the handles as soon as the firmware is out ( if it was me I would ship a couple days before the firmware release day to reduce the overlap for users ).

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