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Watching Movies and Playing Games on the DJI Goggles

by 9to5dji

So you bought a pair of DJI Goggles for the integrated FPV experience of pairing them with your favourite DJI drone. But when droning is not an option — say it’s raining or too dark to fly — you’ve got an amazing VR headset sitting at home doing nothing. That is until you realise that they’re perfect for watching movies or playing video games!

Despite being one of the very best drone accessories around, we know you’ll get a lot of home use out of them as well. Here are the different ways in which the DJI Goggles are set to transform your home life for new cinematic and immersive game playing experiences.

DJI Goggles Gaming

Why You Need to Watch Movies in VR

It’s probably commonplace now – intentionally or not – that we have movies on in the background. We’re just too busy surfing, texting, monitoring, refreshing. As a consequence, we’ve abandoned the larger screen in the room we used to call “the TV room.” We now gather around the digital hearth of the small screens that live in our palms and pockets. And unless we make a concerted effort to sit down to watch a film, we’re likely to be distracted and have to start over anyway.

However, VR goggle users have discovered the amazingly immersive experience of watching movies and playing games are on a head-mounted display (HMD). It’s like traveling back through time to when you were little. Oh, how massive the cinema screen used to be, how it amazed you with the powerful sounds and bright pictures in the cool comfort of a darkened room. Well, this is almost the same. No distractions. Just a virtual home theatre that makes you feel like you’re sitting 3 meters from an 18-inch screen.


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