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Updating the Phantom 4 Pro+ RC

by 9to5dji
P4P Plus RC Update

Because the Phantom 4 Pro+ RC ( GL300E ) had a built in screen running Android, the update for this device is much larger than the usual RC update, in fact it’s a 640Mb download and the bin file is 984Mb when extracted. Because of this, DJI recommend upgrading it using an SD card. here I will guide you in screenshots on how to do this.

1: Download the RC firmware from DJI ( http://www.dji.com/phantom-4-pro/info#downloads ) and save it to a location on your computer.

2: Extract the downloaded ZIP file.

3: Copy the extracted BIN file ( GL300E_RC_xxx.bin ) to the root of an SD card.

4: Place the SD card into the MicroSD card slot on the Phantom 4 Pro+ RC

5: Power on the RC and wait for the screen to load. then swipe down on the screen and open the sustem settings.

6: In System Settings, scroll to the bottom and select “About device”

7: Select “System Updates”

8: The device will detect the update and prompt you to download. Click download ( nothing will actually be downloaded as it’s already on the SD card )

9: The update will begin immediately. The firmware file will be checked and device automatically rebooted.

10: Once rebooted the device will continue updating. When complete, the device will reboot again.

11: Once completed and the system reboots, you will get a prompt telling you that it has updated. Power down the RC and remove the SD card, update is now complete.

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Trev 8th March 2017 - 12:48

Updates coming fast for p4pro…dog slow if at all for the “forgotten” p4


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