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Update 17: DJI Spark Drone

by 9to5dji

Update 17:
Last update before the Spark will be launched. Colours, Spark will come in many. White, Black, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Take your pick..
The DJI Spark Colours

Update 16:
I have been sunning it in Turkey for a week with the family so will summarise what is new here, newest info first.

1: DJI have announced a press date of 23rd April 2017 for an announcement going under the title of “CREATE YOUR LEGACY”. This even will be held at 4PM in Las Vegas ( 10 Midnight 24th UK time ). What will be announced is unknown. Could be the Spark, could be the Phantom 5, could even be the DJI Goggles, DJI Watch or could be none of them and just another Osmo. Lets wait and see eh 🙂

2: A few new images of the inside of the Spark appeared.

3: An image of what appears to be the RC. Looks just like the Mavic Pro one minus the LCD screen. We can also see the batteries.

Update 15:
Two more videos by Sami Lou 🙂

Update 14:
More pics.
1: Most interesting image is of the GO App showing the video resolution the Spark is capable of.. It shows 4k 4096×2160 – 4k 3840×2160 and HD 1920×1080  – HD is capable of 24,30,48 and 60fps

2: Here is an internal shot showing two WiFi antennas. You also see where the downward sensors are located.

3: Image of the DJI Spark Drone compared to an iPad Mini

4: Another shot of the DJI Spark Drone this time compared to a Samsung Galaxy

Update 13:
Longer video via Sami Luo

Update 12:
More Images, more info.
1: This image shows the IR sensors that is in the front of the DJI Spark as well as a small camera. The small camera is likely for obstacle avoidance like the IR.
2: These images show the gimbal from each direction other than face on. It’s definitely only a 2 axis form these images. You also get an idea of the camera size compared to a human thumb.. Slightly bigger ( wider ) then the Mavic Pro one.
3: This image shows the monocle camera used in the VPS system of the DJI Spark.

4: These two images show the battery connector components. Makes sense why they are running it off external power, they destroyed their battery 🙂

5: This shows the DJI Spark Drone powered via an external power source. It confirms what we earlier posted that the bottom of the motor mounts have the lights around the base as well as the black version. Also, the image is the same scene form the video below.

Update 11:
First video showing the DJI Spark Drone powered up. More to come, stay tuned 🙂 Something notable about this video is that the Spark seems to be tethered to a power source. Maybe the person didn’t have any batteries to hand when filming it.. You can also see the infrared flashing in the left ( your right ) side.
Credit for this goes to out Chinese sky fans 🙂

More Images.
We have more images on the DJI Spark Drone today and they give is a lot more info and confirms/debunks some theories.
1: The DJI Spark Drone weighs 190g without battery. Do it’s safe to say it will weigh about 250g with battery thus confirming out initial info.

2: It has front sensors in the form of Infrared. I think there are 2 IR’s, one each side and am pretty sure there is something in the middle..

3: The body of the DJI Spark Drone is significantly smaller than the Mavic Pro.

4: Motors are slightly smaller than that of the Mavic Pro.

5: Very compact internally.

5: Still no 100% confirmation if it is a 3 or 2 axis gimbal. Going by this I am inclined to think 2 axis as we initially predicted. Why the lens is off-centre is a mystery unless it is the 3rd acis by moving side to side. Loking at the image some more and playing with the color I really think there is something next to the camera behind the lens cover
6: There is a black one 🙂

7: Has a standard micro-usb not the USB-C I previously though. Also has an SDXC card slot not micro SD..

Update 9:
New image!!
This gives you a much better idea of how big/small the DJI Spark Drone is. From the image you can see that it will likely have lights around the landing skids beneath the motors.

Update 8:
Not new news just thought these renders of what the Spark might look like form HC Drones was cook..

Update 7:
A closer look at the underside of the DJI Spark drone. You can see the single camera but the other two do not appear to be sonar on this image. The craft looks a little bit ragged too so maybe this is an early prototype.

Update 6:
Direct from DJI’s “secret” test domain 🙂

Update 5:
Photographer Alexandre Suplicy has used the leaked images to “scale” the new DJI spark against the DJI Mavic. This gives yuo an idea of the Spark’s size.

Photo Copyright 2017 Alexandre Suplicy www.alexandresuplicy.com

Another theory for the oddly shaped camera is the possibility that it has the third axis ( PAN ) built in.

Update 4:
New pictures and new info. It seems the Spark will come in black and white colour shell. This will give picky people a “choice” 🙂

Another thing we can see fro the latest images is that the bottom frame of the Spark seems to be a single piece so it will be quite strong.

Some bad news though.. The camera with its off-centre camera does not seem to have “dual lenses”. There is something there, likely some sensor, but its not a second camera.

Update 3:
Image of the SD slot and USB Type-C?

Update 2:
1: April 22-27 release/announce date. One version with an RC and one without.
2: Spark will have advanced features line ActiveTrack and Gesture and Sports Mode.
3: Will be DJI Gaggles compatible.
4: Will record in 4k as well as 1080.
5: 15 minutes flight time.
6: Will possibly have infrared obstacle avoidance at the front.

7: Sized at 130x150mm ( 5.1 Inch by 5.9 inch ) with a diagonal size of 200mm ( 7.9 inch ).
8: Will weight between 250 and 400 grams.

Update 1:
Price is though to be around £210 to £290 ( 1800 to 2500 Chinese Yuan ) – At this price point I am thinking this might well be a photography machine designed for holidaymakers. With more and more countries restricting drones based on size/weight, this might well be positioned towards travellers. A good chance this drone will have two versions, one will not have an RC and fly via an App on a smartphone and another with ( probably a small one ).. Effectively I think the Spark will be a better version of the Dobby Pocket Selfie drone.

This device is also likely to be what the DJI Watch is targeted towards..


You might have heard or read lately about a new trademark registered by DJI called “SPARK”. Well today some new images have been leaked claiming to be said device, the DJI Spark Drone.

The images appear to be those submitted during the FCC certification process but are normally withheld from public view until well after the product is released. These images though seem to have made it out into the wild.

Not much is known at the moment but from the images we can gather the following.

1: Does not appear to be a fordable drone like the Mavic is.
2: Has similar motors to the Mavic and also similar props ( but smaller ). Similar prop mounts to the Mavic also.
3: It’s smaller than the Mavic. About 6 inches long.
4: Has downward sonar and VPS.
5: Appears to be charged via USB and has some contact points on the bottom of the battery, possibly for some charging dock?
6: No read collision sensors and unable to see if it has front ones.
7: Model number is MM1A
8: Gimbal appears to a 2 axis not the 3 axis one seen on the Mavic.
9: Camera seems to have two lenses. One could be camera and the other some sensing device.
10: Battery is similar in shape to that of the Mavic, only smaller.
11: The date for the FCC certification was 24th March 2017

If this is really the Spark, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, then the fact that FCC images are being taken means that they have a verison that is physically ready for market and it in the latter testing phase ( software ).

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Peter Ooi 24th October 2017 - 07:38

Can you share a diagram on how to solder 2 wires (black and red) ? At which point to solder? I want to add extra battery to extend flight time of dji spark… Thanks.


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