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Thoughts on Osmo

by 9to5dji

Before I get my hands on the new DJI Osmo I thought I would put down some thoughts I have about it.

My first thought is “why did DJI make the Osmo, who is their target consumer?”. When I think of DJI, I think of the following in this order. Drones, Gimbals and Cameras with a mixed though is a Drone with a gimbal and a camera 🙂 . This is what they do and do well. So with the Osmo, all that is different is that DJI have removed the Drone and put the user in complete control. You still get an amazing but small camera and arguably the best consumer gimbal available on the market but its up to you to make the shots.

Another thought it the type of user its targeted at. The Osmo comes with a slightly upgraded/modifies X3 camera ( X3/FC350H ). The modifications will be general upgrades and also to make the Osmo camera more suited to ground shots as opposed to aerial ones. Its a similar camera to the one included with the Inspire 1 drone. So this puts Osmo in the Amature/Prosumer category in my opinion.. But Osmo does not stop there. Its already known that the Osmo handgrip will support the new DJI X5 and X5R cameras. The X5 and X5R are very much in the professional and in terms of thr X5R, super professional end of the market. Its easy to see, just like you currently notice the Inspire 1 being used in BBC TV programmes, that the Osmo combined with the X5 or X5R, being used for TV and possibly movie production.

Is the Osmo a tiny jab at GoPro? Is this DJI flexing its muscles, showing that the Chinese company that’s taken the world by storm with drones, can do the same with small handheld cameras? I think so. GoPro has been bulletproof in the action camera market for some time now. Yeah a few other decent products have come along but IMO, none really matched up to my GoPro. That now changes with the Osmo.

Even though I don’t even have my Osmo yet, it’s fair to start thinking where Osmo will go in the future. I think its a given that over time, upgraded cameras will be available for it. More accessories will come out that’s for sure. But I foresee then Osmo just being the start of DJI’s venture into this market. More than likely a GoPro type device is in the making that will rival an actual GoPro ( waterproof, very durable and small ).

Until the Osmo is in the wild and people have had a play, we will just have to wait to form a proper opinion of DJI latest product.

So, I now need to wait a little until I get my grubby little hands on the Osmo. I will then update my thoughts post playing 🙂

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