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Some new Osmo and Osmo+ Accessories

by 9to5dji
Osmo Accessories

DJI have added some new accessories to its store for the Osmo and Osmo+

1: Z-Axis for the X5 and X5R – Long time coming and some have modified their X3 versions but better late than never eh? £166 ( ouch )
Osmo Pro/RAW - Z-Axis
2: Osmo and Osmo+ Sticky Mount – This works in conjunction with the Gimbal Extension below to allow you to attach the gimbal/camera seperate to the Handle.. Gives many new possibilities for using the osmo. £41
Osmo - Sticky Mount
3: Osmo and Osmo+ Gimbal Extension – This “teathers” the gimbal/camera away from the osmo handle allowing more possibilities for recording some awesome steady video. Works in conjunction with the Sticky Mount. £49
Osmo - Gimbal Extension
4: Osmo and Osmo+Chest Strap Mount – Allows you to mount the Osmo to your chest for some action footage ( or boring slow walking ).. £49
Osmo - Chest Strap Mount

5: Osmo Battery Checker – The Osmo Battery Checker is a little tool that allows you to check the remaining battery life in an Osmo Battery ( because it has no status LED’s ). Simply place the checker on the terminal end of the battery and observe the lights for charge level.
Osmo - Battery Checker

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