Home Information Some more pics to wet the appetite :)

Some more pics to wet the appetite :)

by 9to5dji

Here are some more pics for you. Noteworthy is the gimbal is not removable as thought it could be but rather the entire bottom part comes off. Also the controller looks the same as the P3. There is also NO removable lens cover on the camera. Seems to come with the Inspire device holder though 🙂

1: 4k @30
2: 1080 @ 120
3: 28 minutes flight time
4: 720p downlink
5: Prop Guards
6: $1390
7: 3D Mapping?
8: 45Mph

12805902_1128831690461982_7176120862572021172_n 11335_1128831713795313_7740112009502405133_n


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