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Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ Firmware 01.01.0203

by 9to5dji
Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ Firmware 01.01.0203

DJI today released firmware version 01.01.0203 for the Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ – This update includes minor bug fixes

Date: 2016.12.09
Aircraft Firmware: V 01.01.0203
Phantom 4 Pro Remote Controller Firmware: V
Phantom 4 Pro+ Remote Controller Firmware: V
DJI GO 4 App iOS: V 4.0.0
DJI GO 4 App Android: V 4.0.0

What’s New:
1: Fixed an issue of some settings not being reset after resetting camera settings.
2: Fixed color deviations when shooting at a high ISO value.
3: Fixed a rare issue where a black image is saved instead of a photo.
4: Fixed an occasional IMU calibration failure issue for the aircraft.
5: Reduced aircraft vibration during light-throttle take-off.

1: The DJI GO app does not support the Phantom 4 Pro. Please use the DJI GO 4 app.
2: Due to the size of the firmware, the use of a Micro SD card is recommended when upgrading the Phantom
4 Pro+ Remote Controller.
3: This firmware includes a battery update, make sure to update the others when the main update is done.

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