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There is a Phantom 4 Professional

by 9to5dji

It’s official people ( well as official as me telling you for now 🙂 ) that there will be a DJI Phantom 4 Professional. NOTHING is really known about this as yet in terms of specification but what info I have came from a leaked “DJI GO PAD” app that was embedded into an Android OS ( rumored built in screen RC for the Mavic ). Anyway, withing that app there is numerous mentions of a Phantom 4 Professional, not least it mentioned in the dropdown of models ( image above )

The App itself works with the current Phantom 4 but detects it as a Phantom 4 Pro ( and 3 later in the App ). The functions of the all seemed the same although the interface has changes to be more suited to an RC with a screen.

There are references to a vision guided POI feature as well as one named “vision_track_watch” and also a parallel one. Again, with an app designed for more than one product it is hard to determine what craft these features apply to.

Vision TRack Circle Vision Track WatchVision Track Parallel

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