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Phantom 4 Price Rise?

by 9to5dji

Since the Phantom 4 launched exclusively in the DJI store and Apple’s websites and stores until late March, this has led some to believe that the price might eventually rise. There has been no word on this matter from DJI and all online retailers seem to offer the Phantom 4 at the same price ( Pre Order ).

DJI have not helped this matter either by having a little note on the Phantom 4 store page saying “Official launch, limited offer.“. This has got people on forums and Facebook groups wondering if the price is a limited offer.
Phantom 4 Price Rise? Limited Offer

Another thing that could possibly point towards a future price rise is the fact that DJI are not offering their usual 1% rebate on Phantom 4 purchases. Forr those who don’t know, DJI give customers back 1% of their order value ( minus postage ) in the form of DJI Credit to use in store. This would have given purchasers of the Phantom 4 £12.99 ( or $13.99 ) in the form of credit for buying the Phantom 4.
Maybe the margin on the Phantom 4 is not that large and DJI are trying to make maximum profit form it at launch OR it could be because the Phantom 4 is being sold for less that it will in the future..
No rebate Phantom 4
So, should you rush out to buy a Phantom 4 at this price just in case it goes up? Well, if you want one and have a cash then yeah, get it at this price. If at the moment you don’t feel you need the Phantom 4 or do not have the funds available, I doubt that in a months time you will end up paying much ( if any ) more for it.

Who knows….

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