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Phantom 4 Price Leak?

by 9to5dji

It seems that nothing is safe from being leaked out into the public lately. The below image is apparently from a dealer showing DJI’s pricing for the Phantom 3 and “New Product”.

We already know that the Phantom 3 has been reduced for the 10th Anniversary Sale ( that was extended ) but this now implies the price structure of the P3 is permanent. This is the same price adjustment made to the Phantom 2 series before the P3 was announced.

The interesting part here is the “New Model“. Can this be the Phantom 4 or does it point to a more Apple like incremental upgrade to the P3 line like a P3(s). Anoyher interesting bit of info in a screenshot that does not contain much text, is the target segment being “Enthusiasts“. Enthusiasts by definition is “a person who is very interested in a particular activity or subject”. What are DJI targeting this new model towards? I would have though that everyone who purchased any of the Phantom 3 range could be classed as an enthusiast as they are all ‘cameras in the sky’ designed for video and stills, and this is why they purchase them. Its only price that really differentiated the P3 range ( excluding 4k ).

So, IF this “New Model” is just a stop gap to a fully blown Phantom 4, what could be that different to warrant a price point of $1700? lets speculate.

1: Much better battery with a significant increase in flight time ( 20-30% ).
2: Better camera. Maybe the P3 will get a model with a better camera. 4k @60?
3: A shell that does not crack 🙂

I think its very doubtful that it will be a stop gap Phantom and its more likely to be a fully blown Phantom 4 with some ( or all if we are lucky ) features already speculated.

DJI Phantom Series Roadmap

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