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Phantom 4 Price and Models

by 9to5dji

So, considering the likelihood of a Phantom 4 being announced by DJI on March 1st in New York, what will it cost? Will there be different models announced like the Phantom 3?

When the Phantom 3 was announced we had two versions to choose from, the professional and the Advanced. The main difference being the Pro having 4k camera. Through its life the P3 has evolved into 4 different models ( the Standard then the 4k being announced ).

Will DJI follow this same route with the P4? Will they just distinguish them based on camera? I think not. camera might well be different between two or more different models but I don’t think DJI will make this the only difference this time around. So, what different models might we see?

1: Phantom 4 Model A – All the bells and whistles. better camera ( maybe 6k ),full object avoidance, higher capacity battery as default ( like the inspire, have more than one battery available ), Lightbridge 2, more powerful motors.
2: Phantom 4 Model B – Same as A but not full object avoidance and no Lightbridge 2 and standard motors.
3: Phantom 4 Model C – Same as B but comes with lower spec battery in the box.
4: Phantom 4 Model D – Mixture of the above.

Price wise I don’t think DJI are going to move much on this compared to the Phantom 3 range’ price. Maybe the bells and whistles version will be slightly more expensive ( £1300 or £1400 ) but I doubt it. I think DJI are able to get the parts made relatively cheaply and absorb the main cost of the Quad and R&D with selling accessories like batteries that have a large profit margin and selling a lot of them.

Like all Phantom 4 speculation, its exactly that, speculation.

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