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UPDATED! Phantom 4 Package

by 9to5dji

UPDATE: DJI seem to have figured out the error they made and you now save between £59 and £128 depending on the package you go for. Good on you DJI for a reasonable offer and also rewarding early adopters.

DJI have put together a package for the Phantom 4 that included the P4, 2x extra batteries and the Phantom Backpack ( same as a Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-35 backpack ). This package saves you a BIG FAT NOTHING on buying them separately. What’s the point DJI?

I have seen some stupid things in retail but making a package of products that costs EXACTLY the same as buying them separately is just moronic. DJI have long been accused of trying to ride over their customers and treat them as they don’t matter or their custom for granted, something I have not experienced, but things like this just gives such points of view traction.

DJI, please make the package a little ( even £10 ) cheaper than buying them separately or just remove it as a product.

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