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Phantom 4 – A lot in a modular box!

by 9to5dji

DJI have released a slick looking video showing how modular and tightly packed the Phantom 4 is as a craft. The 1 minute 37 second video shows the Phantom 4 disassembling and its various modular components attaching to the centre core.

1: Modular components are located on all sides of the centre core where the battery goes.
Modular components attached to a central core.

2: The ESC’s are located on each side. Two ESC’s per side. Looks like damaged ESC’s can easilt be replaced unlike on the Phantom 3 where the entire mainboard would need replacing.
ESC boards on each side.

3: You can see the Gimbal isolation board located within the body of the aircraft keeping it safer from damage.
Gimbal isolation board.

4: The venting in the side of the larger motors can be seen.
Motor vents

5: You can see much more support for the arms that will hopefully eliminate the cracking issue experienced on the Phantom 3.
Reinforced shell arms.

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