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Phantom 4 – IP56?

by 9to5dji

With rain and dusty environments all too common for Phantom flyers around the world. What is the likelihood DJI will surprise us all with an IP56 compliant Phantom 4? They already have the DJI E2000 Propulsion System that is designed for industrial use, so the leap to add similar IP56 protection to its flagship UAV range is a no-brainer.

Looking at some of the leaked images of the Phantom 4, its easy to see that its definitely a more “sealed” package with very little in the way for vents on the body to allow rain/water spray into it. Around the motors also look a little tighter.

Even the camera/gimbal looks to have more protection from the elements with the YAW motor seemingly within the body almost.

Also, if you look carefully, the seam of the shell looks different. Looking at it, the bottom section seems smaller than it is on the Phantom 3 and does not extend to the end of the four arms, rather stops before the lights.

It’s only on the underside the P4 seeming has any vents. The top section looks very sealed.

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