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Periscope 1.4 adds Phantom 4 Support

by 9to5dji

Today Twitter, the owners of Periscope, released version 1.4 of the App that adds support for the Phantom 4 live streaming mentioned the day before. Its only available for IOS, if you are into this type of thing, go get it 🙂

What’s New in Version 1.4
We’re excited to introduce broadcast search and drone support to help you find communities around the topics you care about and broadcast from a bird’s eye view:
[+] Broadcast search.
You can search for broadcasts by tapping on the new Search button in the Global List. You can tap on a suggested topic (e.g. #Travel) and broadcast into that topic as well.
[+] Broadcast from a drone.
You can broadcast from a supported DJI drone by connecting your iPhone to the drone’s remote. Switch between your drone’s camera and your iPhone cameras or Sketch on the video to highlight different sights!

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