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P4: Soon :)

by 9to5dji
Phantom 4 features soon

Latest public release GO App supports the new functions on the P4.. I would think firmware is imminent..

Phantom 4

Latest App Version

Added features

Added features

Active Track



Tap to Fly

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Trev 5th March 2017 - 08:09

Only really interested in tripod mode…hope it is added

Phantom4 5th March 2017 - 09:15

It is there and working .. Was trying to get the P4 to let me choose the options without flying it ( rain ).. I could do the others and screenshot my phone but not tripod mode.. It does work though 🙂

Daniel 5th March 2017 - 13:42

Has the prediction of when the fimewere can reach my phantom4 received the gesture and land follow but does not perform the functions

Phantom4 5th March 2017 - 14:52

No definitive ETA.. I would say early next week 🙂

Trev 5th March 2017 - 16:37

No android update as yet still 4.04…hopefully in the next two or three days

Daniel 5th March 2017 - 21:16

In my phanton 4 just appeared the gesture and ground following this next update will release the other

Steve 7th March 2017 - 15:04

DJI seem to be taking their sweet time with this update. Or at least updating DJIGO4 to remove the features if the firmware is not coming.
Its starting to look like its never going to materialise

Stephen Vaudin 7th March 2017 - 15:37

Just had the strangest conversation with DJI support about these new modes that have appeared.
Was told by the Rep they are just there. But will not work. And no record of new firmware yet. But they may work in the future.

Flying Duck 7th March 2017 - 16:20

Did he/she sound knowledgable?

Trev 7th March 2017 - 20:25

Hmmm…me thinks it aint gonna happen…p4 discontinued and forgotten

Flying Duck 7th March 2017 - 20:28

I’d feel the same if way – if there weren’t 100 beta testers out there that are saying the firmware was perfectly functional. They’ve done 80% of the hard work already.

Trev 12th March 2017 - 10:02


Trev 14th March 2017 - 13:52

Coming soon…so is christmas

Trev 14th March 2017 - 21:52

405 released for android…still no new modes

Trev 21st March 2017 - 18:10

Not that imminent is it

Manfredo 26th April 2017 - 20:27

Just curious if anyone’s heard any updates to this? Seems like all the Beta testers are pretty upset at the lack of this firmware being released into production.


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