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UPDATE 8! Out of Stock Osmo Accessories – ARRIVING TODAY!

by 9to5dji

UPDATE 9: Everything arrived in just 3 days once shipped…
DJI Osmo Order Arrived

UPDATE 8: Well it looks like after 9 working weeks ( 60 days ) of waiting, an order I placed containing among other things Osmo accessories, will be delivered today.. This is the longest I have had to wait for a delivery from DJI since becoming a customer with the Phantom 1. Hope they sort this type of issue out for suture product releases.

UPDATE 7: Its finally shipped 🙂 YAY
DJI Order Finally Shipped
Back in Stock

UPDATE 6: Still no sign of the accessories I ordered being shipped. The issue is still the Extension Stick and Vehicle Mount I think.. Will DJI manage to get them to me before Christmas? My money is on a BIG FAT NO! – Just for reference, I ordered on the 19th October ( 39 working days ago – 8 weeks ).

UPDATE 5: It now looks like DJI have stopped marking the Extension Rod and Vehicle Mount as “Out of Stock” but rather made them available with a long shipping ETA period for delivery, 20-25 working days and 15-20 working days respectfully. Be careful when ordering these with other items as you might well have a long wait and DJI don’t seem to split orders.






Further delay on the Extension Rod and Vehicle Mount





UPDATE 4: Got yet another disappointing email from DJI today regarding my order that I placed 6 working weeks ago ( 42 days ) stating that the Extension Rod and Vehicle Mount are still unavailable and will *possibly ship mid December. I will likely have to put the Osmo on a shelf soon as I am struggling to provide my customers what I promise using the Osmo and only the single battery ( batteries are part of my delayed order ).

Big suckage!


Osmo Accessories Order PendingUPDATE 3:  Well its been another week since update 2 and still no sign of my order moving. The out of stock items are still listed as so by DJI and I am not seeing many people mention they have their parts so I am guessing there is still a delay. Sucks not having more than one battery for the Osmo as the states 62 minutes use is way off the mark. I have used the Osmo for a few paid work but only having one battery makes getting enough shots a pain.. Wait some more I suppose..

UPDATE 2: It’s now been one [1] calendar month or five [5] working weeks since I ordered the Osmo accessories from DJI on the 19th October. All items were marked as in stock at the time but it seem
s that they ran out of the Extension Rod and Vehicle Mount when they checked the store room and had to disappoint some of its customers by delaying their orders. I’m not that bothered about the extension stick its more that batteries I need and I also had some Phantom 3 parts in the order.
It seems that everything other than the Extension and Vehicle mount are shipping slowly to users..

Out of Stock Accessories


UPDATE: I received a response from DJI Store regarding this and it seems, even ordering over a month ago, that I will not be seeing my order until early December ( if I’m lucky ). Its likely DJI are just stocking dealers and possibly exclusing the UK again with stock. Will wait and see if UK dealers get any stock..
Osmo Accessories Order Delayed

Some of DJI’s accessories for the Osmo are now showing as Out of Stock on their website with no indication of when they will be available again. I had an order for the accessories since 10th October and have reached out to DJI to ask if my ( and others who ordered prior to the out of stock notice ) will receive their orders in the time frame specified or are orders for those who have not received theirs yet also delayed indefinitely..

The site not lists the Vehicle Mount and Extension Rod as “Out of Stock”

I am yet to receive a response from DJI..

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