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UPDATE 1: Osmo X5 Adaptor – December Release

by 9to5dji

UPDATE 1: Its now December 21st and starting to look like the Zenmuse X5 adapter plate and firmware to allow compatibility with the Osmo is not going to happen as expected.
The very person who raised hopes on the 19th November when I posted this originally has dealt the blow this time. DJI-Amy says about the X% adapter and firmware “I am afraid that it will not be released recently”.
No DJI Osmo X5 Adapter or Firmware this Month.

Many many people have had itchy fingers waiting for DJI to release the adapter that allows them to attach the Zenmuse X5 Camera / Gimbal to the Osmo hand-grip. Well, the closest to an actual date we have managed to get is “sometime December”. This was posted on the official DJI Forums by DJI-Amy who states they are waiting for R&D to finish the required firmware ( for the X5 presumably ) before making the adapter available. There is a good chance that the adapter might well become available before the firmware so people get the change to order and receive it in time for the new firmware.

DJI-Amy Zenmuse X5 Camera Gimbal

Lets all hope 🙂

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