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Osmo with Sport Accessory Kit

by 9to5dji

DJI have made their first Osmo bundle and called it “Sport Accessory Kit”. In my opinion, the name sells this kit a little short as its much more than just for sports. In the kit you get the Osmo, FlexiMic, 2x extra batteries, Extension Rod, Bike mount, tripod, vehicle mount, straight extension arm and the Osmo base.

The only bit here that would make it even remotely an exclusive sports kit is the bike mount as all the other accessories are more useful for a variety of other types of shooting. Hell, even the bike mount gets used by me for other tasks instead of being on a bike 🙂

Bottom line, this is a decent bt of kit that saves you £51 of buying them separately. If you are in the market for an Osmo it’s a no brainer really to go for this package.

The Sports Kit can be purchased directly from DJI’s Store- http://store.dji.com/product/osmo-with-sport-accessory-kit

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