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by 9to5dji

DJI Osmo will change the way you record ground video forever. Check out the videos below for inspiration and go out and create amazing video with the Osmo.

With the Osmo -a 4k, 3-axis stabilized handheld camera- DJI continues its spirit of innovation and imagination. The Osmo single-handedly erases shaky video, leaving only stunning imagery with smooth motion.

With the Osmo, DJI reinvents what a camera can be by combining both 4k video and full stabilization via a three-axis gimbal system. The Osmo is the next great leap forward for personal cameras.

India is both one of the most diverse and most densely populated countries on Earth. Every city has its own language, clothing, and customs. Between the ghats of Varanasi and the countless Chaiwallas in New Delhi, India is all things to all people.

From the remains of pyramids and temples, to the bustling streets of mountain villages and urban cities, Peru is a country of great beauty and mystery. With the Osmo, that beauty and mystery comes alive with incredible clarity.

The southwest region of the United States merges the arid beauty of the desert, the bustling eccentricity of San Francisco, and the urban classicism of Los Angeles. It is a wholly eclectic blend that could only be found in America.

From its energetic music and dance, down to the fragrant and rustic cuisine, Spain reverberates with life and adventure. When the mainland isn’t enough, the paradise of Ibiza is only a short ferry ride away.

Nothing is more important than a moment shared with those closest to you; To experience life and all that it offers. The Osmo is there to chronicle your moments in new and incredible ways.


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