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Osmo Pro Firmware v1.1.0.10

by 9to5dji

DJI have released a NEW firmware for the Osmo Pro ( when using the X5 or X5R Camera ) – The Osmo Pro will be a package available to buy soon offering the Osmo handle with an X5 or X5R camera. Owners of the X5 or X5R camera can use the update now.

1. Firmware Version: v1.1.0.10
2. DJI GO App iOS Version: v2.7.2
3. DJI GO App Android Version: v2.7.2

Major Updates
1. Support for the Zenmuse X5 gimbal and camera, as well as the Single Shot, Multiple Shot, Interval Shot, Video
and Audio Recording features.
2. Fixed red tone on high ISO photos.
3. Fixed the focus breathing issue associated with recording 4K video using D-Log in M mode.
4. Improved camera stabilization.

1. Only upgrade your firmware by downloading the firmware, loading the .bin file onto the Micro SD card, and
inserting the card into the camera. Do not use other methods for upgrading.
2. The firmware version v1.1.0.10 should be displayed in DJI GO after the upgrade. Be sure to connect your mobile
device to the Internet before connecting to the Osmo Pro’s Wi-Fi network so that the correct firmware version
is displayed in DJI GO.
3. The Zenmuse X5 gimbal and camera can also be used on the Inspire 1 Pro after upgrading the firmware on the
Osmo Pro.

SD Card Update Method
1: Download the latest firmware for the osmo from DJI’s site – http://www.dji.com/product/osmo/info#downloads
2: Extract the downloaded file ( OSMO_FC550_FW_V01.01.00.10.zip ) and copy the OSMO_FC550_FW_V01.01.00.10.bin file to your SD card.
3: With the OSMO powered OFF, put the SD card in the camera and power ON the Osmo
4: The Osmo will start to update automatically. Can take between 25 and 30 minutes.
5: Wait for the Osmo Camera Status light to change into a SOLID GREEN and you hear the D-DD beep.
6: Power the OSMO OFF and back ON and check it connects to the DJI Go App.

INFO: If the firmware update fails, the sound produced by the Osmo will be a D-D-D-D beep. Try the update again. Leave it to go for longer as its likely you turned it off too early.

The DJI Go App should show firmware version after the Update is successful ( if it says Unknown or something else, ignore it as long as the version numbers are correct for the various modules ).

After installing the firmware you will have two log files generated on the SD card ( OSMO_FC550_FW_LOG_AB.txt or OSMO_ FC550R_FW_LOG_AB.txt ). These two files will convey the results of the firmware update process.

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