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Osmo Mobile – The Lowdown

by 9to5dji
Osmo Mobile

Now that DJI have released another device, the Osmo Mobile, lets take a look at it and see if it is for you..

The Device Itself:
The Osmo Mobile looks very similar to the original Osmo and the Osmo+ with the exception of the gimbal. This is what makes this device different. Unlike its two predecessors the Osmo Mobile is designed to hold your smartphone so has no camera on the end of the gimbal only a holder. You use the Smartphone as a viewfinder and the camera. Unlike the previous versions, it uses Bluetooth connectivity with the smartphone not WiFi.
The device has a basic, adjustable clamp to hold onto your phone while it’s being stabilized and can fit a variety of phone sizes ( iPhone 5s and 6s, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Huawei Mate 8, even a massive Nexus 6P fits ), devices accommodate any Android or iOS smartphone with a width between 2.31 and 3.34 inches.. Don’t get any ideas of fitting a tablet on it though..

Fitting the phone onto the holder is fiddly and per device. Phones with easily pressed buttons on the side might be a bit of a pain for some. Once you get it on though, all is good.

As mentioned, the smartphone and handle are paired together using Bluetooth. This allows you to control, the Zoom from the handle instead of pinching the screen of the device.
Battery life is about 4.5 hours ( takes 2.5 hours to charge ) and you can hot swap the batteries. You can also use the battery extended to utilise one of DJI’s drones batteries if you want. Worth noting that as always, the DJI GO App eats up the battery life of your smartphone so the Osmo is likley to outlast the phone in battery life.

The Osmo Mobile features a dedicated USB charging port for both charging and firmware upgrades. Charging will take approximately 3 hours when using a 1amp source..
Osmo Mobile Dedicated Charging Port

Make the Osmo Mobile Joystick work the way you want it to. Set sensitivity, invert pan or tilt, or even set it so that the gimbal can only move in specific directions. Use Push Mode to change the direction of the gimbal directly using your hand.
Osmo Mobile Joystick

High energy efficiency and high capacity batteries give the Osmo Mobile a maximum run time of 4.5 hours. Batteries can be quickly and effortlessly swapped out, and an external battery extender can be used for even longer life.
Osmo Mobile Battery

The Osmo Mobile seems to be an All-In-One device with no removable gimbal like its predecessors. For now this means existing osmo users are no able to buy the gimbal separately. Considering it uses Bluetooth to pair the devices, the original Osmo handle would not be usable anyway unless they make a WiFi version.

1: Three-axis stabilization
2: Intelligent SmoothTrack
3: User-friendly DJI GO App with powerful functions (including ActiveTrack, Motion Time lapse, Live Stream, Panorama, Long Exposure, Camera Settings)
4: Trigger control (double-tap for re-center, triple-tap to change between front and rear-end camera, long press for locking gimbal direction)
5: Different operation modes (Standard, Portrait, Flashlight and Underslung)
6: Bluetooth connection
7: 3.5-millimeter Charging/Upgrade Port
8: Compatible with DJI Osmo accessories

One of the coolest features is the ActiveTrack that came from the Phantom 4. This feature can be used to allow the osmo to follow your face whilst you make a video. Ideal for Vloggers or the serial selfie takers ( allows you to be in the moment instead of making sure your face is in shot 🙂 )
You can also capture panoramas ( feature coming soon ) as well as motion timelapse videos and stunning long-exposure images. You are also able to live stream to Facebook and Youtube. All this is accomplished from the GoApp available for IOS and Android.
A trigger on the front falls under your forefinger. Press and hold it and the camera locks position so you can raise and lower your hand while the camera stays aimed on your subject. Double click the trigger and it centers the camera, while a triple tap switches your phone from the back camera to the front for selfies on the fly.
Osmo Mobile ActiveTrack

Who Will Use It:
Basically, the Osmo Mobile is a stabilized handheld gimbal for your smartphone. So it is for anyone with a smartphone that likes to take video ( or timelapses ). It will also be particularly useful for Vloggers and people making demo videos. The price of this ( £289.00 ) puts is massively competitive price wise with similar devices. You also get the DJI expertise in making gimbals and the quality also.

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Ari 1st September 2016 - 11:27

I hope ActiveTrack will make it through to the Osmo(+) as well! Been waiting for that feature.


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