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Osmo Mobile reference in DJI GO App

by 9to5dji

The latest version of the DJI GO App for IOS ( 2.8.6 ) makes specific references to the “Osmo Mobile” and HG300 in one of its configuration files.

Written in the file Localizable.strings, there are many references to HG300, some of which mention the name “Osmo Mobile”. There are some other interesting bits of info in the file too in relation to the HG300.

1: Osmo Mobile: The term is clearly used in the file, this gives credibility to what I posted some days back that a new Osmo will be called “Osmo Mobile”“hg300_osmo_bluedevConnection_To_Disconnection”=”Disconnect the OSMO Mobile”; ) and ( “hg300_osmo_bluedevConnection_fail”=”Connection Failed.Ensure the Bluetooth of your phone is open.”; ) and ( “hg300_osmo_buleDeviceSearch_fail”=”Cannot find OSMO Mobile.Ensure the OSMO Mobile is available”; ) and ( “hg300_osmo_discovery”=”OSMO Mobile Detected”; )
2: Bluetooth: There are many references to connecting via Bluetooth ( “hg300_osmo_blueContentionCloseDesc”=”Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone”; ) and ( “hg300_osmo_bluedevConnection_fail”=”Connection Failed.Ensure the Bluetooth of your phone is open.”; )
3: Motion Timelapse: Looks like the Osmo Mobile will have the capability to pan/tilt during timelapse creation ( “hg300_timelapse_angle_not_satisfied”=”The distance between the two positions is too short”; )
4: Quick setting profiles: Looks like some type of presets will be possible ( “hg300_osmo_scene_mode_walk”=”walk”; )

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Dave Bishop 23rd August 2016 - 09:01

I am guessing but the new Osmo Mobile / Zoom / Goose will be announced at Photokina in Cologne at the end of September 2016. Hall 2.1, C011 D014.

They have a good size stand, Photokina this is the launch pad for 2017 cameras and digital imaging.


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