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This is NOT A Phantom 5 RC :)

by 9to5dji
Not a Phantom 5 RC

You might start seeing this image floating about the Interwebs with people thinking its for a new Phantom 5.. As much as I would love this to be true, it’s sadly not the case. The image from the FCC filing is the RC for  a new AGRAS MG-1S industrial drone.. Her are the two FCC ID references for the RC and the AGRAS MG-1S

https://fccid.io/SS3-DLG60A1701 for the RC and https://fccid.io/SS3-AG4051701 for the new AGRAS. In the RC filing in the test report you will see it ties in to the AGRAS filing..


Sorry to break the dreams but I think you will not se and P5 related FCC docs for a bit yet..


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