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New Phantom 4 Firmware v1.2.602

by 9to5dji
DJI Phantom 4 Firmware Update v1.2.602

DJI have today released a new firmware for the Phantom 4, version 1.2.602. The whats new for this firmware is simple – “Optimized power management for long-term battery storage.”. Pretty much it makes changes to how the intelligent battery store themselves over long periods of time.

It goes without saying that you need to UPDATE ALL the Intelligent batteries you have with this latest firmware.

NOTE: This firmware INCLUDES A BATTERY UPDATE, make sure you update spare batteries ( steps are below ).

Follow the below steps to update.

What’s New:

1. Optimized power management for long-term battery storage.

What You Need:

Before you start the update, you will need to make sure of the following.

1: Phantom 4 battery(s) is at least 50%
2: Mobile device is at least 50%
3: The SD card is IN the Phantom 4.
4: You have the USB OTG ( on-the-go ) cable that came with the Phantom and also the USB cable used to attach your mobile device to the RC.
5: You have internet connection on the mobile device.
6: A few minutes of your time.

The Aircraft Update Process:

Here is a video guide to updating the Phantom 4 via the DJI GO APP. Pictorial update guide below.

Video Guide:

Pictorial Guide:

1: Connect the Phantom 4 and the mobile device together using the OTG cable.
Connect Phantom and Mobile Device via the OTG Cable.
2: Power ON the Phantom 4
Power ON the Phantom 4
3: Open the DJI GO App. You will be prompted that there is an update available. Tap “Update Now”
Click Update Now

4: Tap “Download Now”
Tap Download Now

5: Once the firmware has downloaded, Tap “Upgrade Now”
Tap Upgrade Now

6: The update can take up to 15 minutes and the Phantom 4 many flash it’s lights and make sounds, wait to be prompted by the App that it is complete. You can now power OFF the Phantom 4 and disconnect the cables.

7: The “About” menu will show the following firmware details once finished ( note: App might show 2.8.2 if you are running the latest ).
DJI Phantom 4 Firmware v1.1.410

The Spare Batteries Update Process:


1: After the firmware upgrade of the aircraft is done ( this will have done the battery used as well ), turn the Phantom 4 off, exit the GO App.
Phantom 4 Battery Update

2: Remove the battery used for the main upgrade and replace it with another battery.
Phantom 4 Battery Update

3: Open the GO App then power ON the Phantom 4.
Phantom 4 Battery Update

4: After the Phantom initializes, the App will prompt you then the firmware is inconsistent, slide the “Slide to update” button to begin the update process. takes about a minute. The GO App will inform you when the process is complete.
Phantom 4 Battery Update Phantom 4 Battery Update

The below video shows the update process as seen on the back of the battery.

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