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New Osmo firmware v1.2.1.60

by 9to5dji

Following the removal of firmware version, DJI have now released another version ( who thinks of firmware revisions at DJI God only knows ). Anyway, DJI play this as a downgrade firmware for those having issues with

I was prompted to update the Osmo firmware via the DJI GO App and did mine this way as opposed to the SD Card method. Took about 3 minutes.

The GO App update method is easy.
1: You get prompted that a new update is available in the GO App ( need to have Internet ).
2: Download the firmware
3: Turn on the Osmo and connect the mobile device to it.
4: Start the update process, takes about 3 minutes.
5: Restart the Osmo ( and app if it does not refresh the update successful page ).
DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App
DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App
DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App


In limited testing I have observed that the time-lapse issue is resolved. Random panning when the Osmo is still seems to have gone too. It *should perform like the Osmo did when you first received it ( minus the crashing in 4k issue as this is still fixed ). The sound I can confirm is still bad 🙂 .

Although it is claimed to be a downgrade, I suspect some things have changed.

Here is what was on the Osmo when I purchsed it ( OSMO_FW_V01.00.01.19.bin )

[00731931]Version checking[3]…
[00731998][07 00][00] v1.0.9.22 -> v1.0.9.22
[00732095][08 00][05] v2.14.9.26 -> v2.14.9.26
[00732130][01 00][05] v2.29.4149 -> v2.29.4149
[00732182][01 01][05] v2.29.4149 -> v2.29.4149
[00732224][04 00][05] v1.29.0.0 -> v1.29.0.0
[00732299][09 00][05] v0.0.0.62 -> v0.0.0.62
[00732339]Packet upgrade finish successfully.

Here is my firmware update LOG ( OSMO_FW_V01.01.01.50.bin )

[00011031]Version checking[1]…
[00011112][07 00][00] v1.0.9.22 -> v1.0.9.28 need upgrade.
[00011167][08 00][00] v2.14.9.26 -> v2.14.9.26
[00011231][01 00][00] v2.29.4149 -> v2.33.4263 need upgrade
[00011270][01 01][00] v2.29.4149 -> v2.33.4263 need upgrade
[00011317][04 00][00] v1.29.0.0 -> v1.29.0.10 need upgrade.
[00011372][09 00][00] v0.0.0.62 -> v0.0.0.64 need upgrade.

And here the new ( OSMO_FW_V01.02.01.60.bin )

[00011348]Version checking[1]…
[00011422][07 00][00] v1.0.9.28 -> v1.0.9.28
[00011513][08 00][00] v2.14.9.26 -> v2.14.9.26
[00011567][01 00][00] v2.33.4263 -> v2.39.4359 need upgrade
[00011621][01 01][00] v2.33.4263 -> v2.39.4359 need upgrade
[00011686][04 00][00] v1.29.0.10 -> v1.29.0.13 need upgrade.
[00011752][09 00][00] v0.0.0.64 -> v0.0.0.65 need upgrade.

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