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New DJI Warranty Condition for North America

by 9to5dji

DJI announced last week that ( from July 18th 2016 ) they will only warranty their products if they are purchased from authorised dealers. This means many need to be extremely careful when purchasing a DJI product form sites like Ebay and Amazon.
Its going to be a hard pill for some to swallow as some of the non authorised dealers were selling the Phantoms at a cheaper price than what DJI does ( likely because they were grey imports ). When submitting a warranty claim DJI will require proof of purchase. I would suggest buying direct from DJI or even Apple or the other big retailers to be safe.

Currently this warranty restriction is not enforced in other parts of the world but likley coming soon.

Original Email from DJI:

Dear DJI Creators

To provide you with ever better service, DJI will now only provide warranty services for products purchased from Authorized Resellers. Products purchased from unauthorized Resellers are not subject to warranty services. This rule takes effect today. Customers who have already bought DJI products will not be affected.

Before buying a DJI product, visit the official DJI website to find an authorized DJI dealer where you can make your purchase.

When applying for a warranty service, the sales invoice of the product requiring warranty repair must be provided.

North America aftersales services contact email: support.us@dji.com

Best regards, DJI

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