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A new DJI Product Codename – Durian

by 9to5dji

DJI seem to love giving their products a codename after fruit. We had Tomato ( the Phantom 4 ) and last week I posted about another as yet unknown product by the codename “Kumquat“. Today i found another hiding in the 2..7.0 release of the GO App.. Durian.

Durian is an incredibly smelly fruit that is banned in many hotels in SE Asia. I had the pleasure of trying it when I was in Thailand with my wife and although the smell made you want to wretch, it tastes like heaven 🙂

Anyway, no idea what the two products with the codename are ( one is likely the Inspire 2 ) but we will find out eventually 🙂 If I get more updates I shall post them.

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