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New DJI Osmo Firmware

by 9to5dji

Today is a glorious day in the Osmo world as DJI have just released another firmware for the the hugely popular handheld gimbal/camera, version You will be happy to hear that the 4k recording issue has now been resolved. Also the firmware activates the Microphone Gain option added to the latest GO App.

EDIT 2: As of last night, DJI have removed the option to update the Osmo via the App. It seems that only users who updated via the App method had the issue with the WiFi module bricking the unit. PLEASE USE THE SD METHOD LISTED BELOW TO UPDATE THE OSMO

EDIT: After the Christmas Day release of firmware, DJI discovered a BUG that caused the WiFi module on the Osmo to enter a rebooting loop. This effectively bricked the device requiring users to send it back for repair. The problem only caused a very very small percentage of Osdmos to fail, and luckily because it was released on Christmas day, less people than usual would have known about it ot had time to install.
DJI quickly released a new firmware file ( but for some unknown reason named it the same and even kept the same firmware versions ) that fixed the bug but is NOT able to undo the damage the old one caused ( still need to send it back if its broken ).
This bad firmware release has not done DJI any favours and even with the fixes it included and additions for features requested by users, tee memory of the cockup, regardless of how little people it affected, will not be forgotten in a hurry by its users.
To see the official DJI statement on the issue and for more info if you were affected please visit this thread over at DJI’s official forum – http://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=38018

For optimal user experience its advisable to use the latest available DJI GO App version ( IOS 2.4.3Android 2.4.3 )

Updating the firmware is easy. You have two options. The DJI Go App method and the .BIN file on the SD card method.

The GO App update method is easy and preferred.USE THE SD METHOD BELOW UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!
1: Power on the Osmo, Start the DJI GO App. You get prompted that a new update is available in the GO App when you open it ( need to have Internet ).
2: Download the firmware following the direction form the app.
3: With the Osmo gimbal LOCKED, connect the mobile device to it.
4: Start the update process, takes about 10 to 20 minutes.
5: When the update finishes successfully you will hear the D-DD beeps and the DJI Go App will indicate success and prompt you to restart the Osmo. The Camera status light will also turn a SOLID GREEN ( left hand side light ).

6: Restart the Osmo ( and app if it does not refresh the update successful page ).

INFO: If the firmware update fails, the sound produced by the Osmo will be a D-D-D-D beep. Try the update again. Leave it to go for longer as its likely you turned it off too early.

DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App
DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App
DJI Osmo firmware Update via GO App

The .BIN file on the SD card method should be a last case option if the App method does not work.

SD Card Update Method – USE THIS METHOD!
1: Downlolad the latest firmware for the osmo from DJI’s site – http://www.dji.com/product/osmo/info#downloads
2: Extract the downloaded file ( name file here ) and copuy the OSMO_FW_V01.04.01.80.bin file to your SD card.
3: With the Osmo OFF and the gimbal locked, put the SD card in the camera and power on the Osmo
4: The Osmo will start to update automatically. Can take between 10 and 20 minutes.
5: Wait for the Osmo Camera Status light to change into a SOLID GREEN and you hear the D-DD beep.

6: Power the Osmo OFF and back ON and check it connects to the DJI Go App.

INFO: If the firmware update fails, the sound produced by the Osmo will be a D-D-D-D beep. Try the update again. Leave it to go for longer as its likely you turned it off too early.

The DJI Go App should show firmware version 1.1.19+ after the Update is successful. On the SD card you will also have two log files that will look similar to the below.

Log file OSMO_FW_RESULT_AB.txt in hidden folder on SD ( MISC/LOG ). ( RED is previous version BLUE is new version )
[00011277]Version checking[1]…
[00011357][07 00][00] v1.0.9.28 -> v1.0.9.40
[00011426][08 00][00] v2.14.9.26 -> v2.14.9.37
[00011493][01 00][00] v2.39.4359 -> v2.48.4521
[00011550][01 01][00] v2.39.4359 -> v2.48.4521
[00011616][04 00][00] v1.29.0.13 -> v1.29.0.63
[00011735][09 00][00] v0.0.0.65 -> v0.0.0.73

Log file OSMO_FW_LOG_AB.txt in the root of the SD card.
========== 2014.01.01 00:00:08 remo-con disconnect======
Packet: OSMO_FW_V01.04.01.74.bin
Result: Success.

You can also confirm these firmware versions using the DJI GO App ( currently only available in Android App version 2.4.2 ). Connect to the Osmo and in the App select Settings ( gear Icon )>General>About>Firmware – You can match up the log file and the different modules mentioned in the App using the below as a guide.
Osmo OSMO_FW_V01.04.01.80

Module [01 00] is Camera
Module [04 00] is Gimbal
Module [08 00] is Encoder
Module [09 00] is OFDM
Module [07 00] is WiFi

Other changes/fixes in this release are as follows.
1. Fixed the issue of the camera restarting unexpectedly when recording in 4096 x 2160.
2. Improved horizon level accuracy for the roll axis.
3. Reduced gimbal drifting in timelapse mode, improving stabilized image capture.
4. Optimized handle movement control.
5. Optimized control for Selfie Mode.
6. Fixed a display issue when attempting to connect multiple mobile devices to the Osmo at the same time.
7. In panorama modes, the gimbal automatically adjusts the roll axis to the horizon level.
8. Optimized 4K video playback performance.
9. Added support for firmware updates through the DJI GO app.
10. Added audible prompts for the firmware update process. The Osmo will sound “D—DD……” when the update is
complete and sound “D-D-D-D……” if the update has failed.

NOTE: The optimization of quality in the microphone does NOT resolve the issue of the fan noise being picked up. It just makes the audio a little better and inclused the “Mic Gain” feature. Applies to the built-in microphone and any external ones attached.

Features added in lates GO App 2.4.3
1. Added volume display and volume gain adjustments.
2. Added options to power off and enter Sleep Mode from the DJI GO app.
3. Added settings for Selfie Mode in the DJI GO app.
4. Optimized touchscreen gimbal remote control.
5. Added a new 180 degree panorama mode.
6. Added the option to customize white balance.
7. Added style settings to adjust sharpness, saturation and contrast.
8. Exposure parameters can now be adjusted while recording video.
9. Added a shortcut for camera settings.

1. The Inspire 1 Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera must be updated to firmware v1.5.0.30 on the Inspire 1 aircraft
before using this firmware update on the Osmo handle.
2. If the Inspire 1 Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera enters protection mode, you will need to power cycle the Osmo
to reactivate it.
3. The Inspire 1 Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera does not support Sleep Mode.
4. Gimbal drift can be minimized using the auto calibration function.
5. If the firmware upgrade fails, restart the Osmo and DJI GO app to and re-attempt the upgrade.
6. After performing the firmware update, it is recommended to perform an auto calibration for the gimbal.

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Osmo_Fan 28th December 2015 - 21:38

Can you update the article to reflect the new fixed firmware (27th) and comment on the train wreck that has been the firmware released on the 25th. It bricks the wifi module and you have to send it back to DJI to be repaired. Everyone opening an Osmo on Christmas day will have been prompted to update the firmware – which then promptly bricked their device. Luckily I only just heard about it so I have the fixed one, but if you check the DJI forums there are a number of very angry customers.

Osmo 28th December 2015 - 21:56

Thanks for the feedback. I have added a mention of the cockup by DJI at the top of the post. The release of the update on Christmas day means very few were actually affected by this issue thankfully.

In DJI’s defence, the firmware did go through a vigorous testing procedure in Alfa and Beta tests and it did not bring up the issue. It does not make it right what happened but it looks very very unforeseen and even unexpected by DJI. I would loge if DJI told me exactly what some were affected but that is not going to happen 🙂 – IMO its likely to be some different WiFi chip brands that were not happy with the firmware. But we will never know for sure…

Osmo_Fan 28th December 2015 - 22:04

Thanks for the speedy update. I love the improvements that are coming to the device and I’m sure more will come. They seem to be doing the right thing fixing any bricked ones for free. its still a shame it happened though.


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