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UPDATE 2!! New DJI Discover+ Causing Some People to Shout!

by 9to5dji

Apparently, DJI have disabled the feature that logs users locations. As of now ( 20:07 UK Time ) I can still see location data on the map within the UK and US. Not sure of this is legacy info that will vanish or if its not something that is retrospective and old data will remain..
Hotspot Screenshot Hotspot Screenshot

Just been trying to figure out where the information comes from with regard to the new Discover+ App.

To begin with, the app only supports the following locations ( could change over time )  – CHN, USA, DEU, GBR, FRA, ESP, IRL, CHE, AUT, AUS – So if you are in any other country, it should not be showing them locations.

Another bit of info is that the app gets this info from the following location http://reserve-backend.dji.com

Logged devices seem to be the Phantom 3 and 4 range and the Inspire 1 range.

When a location is loaded, the user gets to see the Flying Hotspot on a map and gets the option to route to that via Google or Apple Maps when clicked. The info loaded from the backend includes a little more detail not shown like the type of aircraft and also makes reference to nearby photos. It also shows the SkyPixel account name for the photos published.
SkyPixel Image

I have managed to use the information I gathered using this information to trace these people and find their facebook accounts and other social media accounts, homes, work places. All from a simple point on a map.

Today DJI released an update to their store app and renamed it to “DJI+Discover App”. The idea behind this update is to connect people via a “Drone Social Media” where you can find good flying spots around where you live, chat to people, join in activities, get training and advertise your services. All good and well I think..

Well, one massive negative some people have discovered is that it can give you exact directions to peoples houses. See, some ( a lot it seems ) fly their Phantom in their gardens and it also seems that DJI aggregates the flight locations uploaded in user logs and uses this information to pinpoint “flying hotspots”. The exact way it determines if a location is popular  am not sure but having to hazard a guess I would say it has a set threshold for the number of flights within a set radius of an area.

The app marks these locations as a “Flying Hotspot” and when clicked, gives you the option of opening a map and getting directions to that location.
Flying Hotspot

Some users on the Official DJI group on Facebook have started posting about this saying their house is on it, and they are not happy. One user posted a screenshot of it and when you checked, it gave perfect directions to the guys house ( address and all ). I can see how some might not be too happy with this happening but its worth mentioning, the Hotspots DO NOT contain any user details, it just logs the flight location, if this happens to be your house then be aware that it could be “looked up” by other users ( and anyone that installs the app ).

DJI Discover+ App Unhappy campers

It seems that currently there is NO way to control the data displayed on the app other than NOT syncing your flight logs via the DJI GO App. I am sure as more and more people get unhappy, DJI will take action to change this.

EDIT: You can disable the location services for the Discover+ App and this should stop it from showing the location but I still think the data comes form the DJI Go App. You could try disabling location services for that too.
Discover App Location Services

EDIT 2: There is a possibility that the info is only shown if you are a SkyPixel user. Still an unknown but not EVERYONE’s data is showing for frequently flown in areas. SkyPixel is one connection thats emerging for those having their data shown.

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