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UPDATE 1: Mystery Port on the Phantom 4

by 9to5dji

UPDATE1: After seeing the Phantom 4 from the front, it seems the marking on the side of the “guidance module” is present on the other side also.. So its not likely to be the MicroSD card slot.
Phantom 4 Mystery Port 1

With the clear images surfacing of the Phantom 4, its made me wonder about the ports on its side. Initially I though the port on the side was the MicroSD and USB, now a clearer image is available, I am beginning to doubt the left port on the side is a MicroUSB as it looks way to big compared to the USB and also, on the “guidance module” there is a small port that looks very much more like a MicroSD slot in size.
So, if its not the MicroSD port, what is it? Looks quite wide? Some sort of CANBus?

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