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Musings of a DJI Phantom Owner – Why DJI

by 9to5dji

DI Family..I will start this post with saying that I am a big DJI fan and love their products. I have a Phantom 1 ( think it’s still in the attic ), Phantom 2 and Vision+, Phantom 3 Pro, Inspire 1 pro and three Phantom 4’s. I also have an Osmo.. This post might seem bias towards them but it’s not.. Read on.

I got a Phantom because I wanted to see what things looks like from the air. I’m not a flyer, I am an amateur photographer. I wanted something that I could remove from a box, attach a camera to it and fly with little fuss in-between. The Phantom gave me this. Yes I could have built my own but at the time I believed the DJI to be best for me.

Roll on the Phantom 2, P2 Vision+, nothing at the time could come close to what DJI are offering price wise, functionality wise and ease of use. Things only started to change when the Phantom 3 came out.. There were other names in the market that generated a lot of buzz. There was talk of these new names being the start of true competition for DJI. With this new competition, division started to appear. Those who didn’t like DJI or thought the grass was greener on the other pastures started to set base camp of loyalty with the competition. For some, DJI was the old Ninja and the new companies emerging were the masters. Discussions on the forums started being very fierce with trolling happening on both sides.

Me, I got my Phantom 3, and like many many others, was happy flying about taking my pictures and making videos. The Phantom 3 Professional is a beast and did everything I wanted. The release did come with some issues though. The Intelligent modes we were promised didn’t arrive on launch and not for a few months after. At this time, the 3DR Solo hype squad had been in full swing, it was going to be a DJI killer and even came with the intelligent flight modes missing on the P3. There was even a CABLE-CAM feature. I even started to doubt myself and thought had I had made the correct choice of sticking with DJI and the Phantom 3.

3DR SoloReading the forums and Facebook it soon became clear that I had made the correct choice. My Phantom 3 just got better with intelligent modes and the Solo and it’s hype had turned to people bitching and moaning about delayed shipping and then delayed gimbal. All the while, I was happily flying. Even when people started receiving their Solo’s and gimbal, I never saw one video I liked come out of it. I am glad I was never sucked into the Solo hype and burnt of decent money. Even now, start of May 2016. I see nothing good of the Solo and it’s users seem shells of humans stuck with a drone that will never live up to the hype. I remember when the 3DR Solo thread was closed on RCGroups forum because it descended into a pit of hate and bitching and no one from 3DR gave it the time of day to help the users. Unless 3DR pull a miracle, I think the Solo will have damaged them for some time to come.

Inspire 1When DJI announced the Pro Inspire 1 Pro I got one of them to use for the small amount of commercial work that I do in my spare time. Since this is a Phantom 4 blog, I will not dwell on this too much but for what the money gives you, NOTHING comes close to this craft other than the Phantom 4 itself, but even that falls short in some regards. I LOVE my Inspire.

In march this year, after many leaks and speculation, DJI unveiled their new product, the Phantom 4. It was the same time that Yuneec announced the Typhoon H with a headline grabbing demonstration of a mysterious feature called Realsense allowing it to spectacularly avoid objects whilst following a guy on a mountain bike. Me, I stuck with my belief in DJI and pre-ordered my Phantom 4.
DJI, on launch day had a lot of real world footage showing its capability and their employees and other media had been given early access to it and a flood of reviews and information came out. I was convinced that I had made the correct purchase.

During the wait for my Phantom 4, The hype about the Yuneec Typhoon H started to hot up with many doing what they did with the Solo, lift their hopes up high. I was almost sucked in and at one point had the H on pre-order. But, my Phantom arrived and all my thoughts of the Typhoon went away. I was happily flying whilst the H gang were all wondering where their craft was.

Roll on to today. I have had my P4 since it became available and had tens of happy flights with it. Not once has it failed to deliver the shot I wanted. All the features work as advertised ( battery life not so much but that’s *lab-environment times for you ). A quick look at the Typhoon H forums and Facebook groups has the look and tone of what the Solo ones did back in Phantom 3 days. People wondering there their expensive toys are and very little in terms of real world reviews/footage.

So, why do i choose DJI.. Simple, they DELIVER a great product. yes, as a company they have a myriad of flaws with communication, delivery times, many firmware updates with little info being just a few. But, when I spend a grand+ on a product what I really want is something that just works with no faff in-between. DJI deliver than albeit in their own not so perfect way.

I might in the future change this point of view but as it stands, I will not be moving away from DJI in the near future. I might just for the giggles get a competing drone if one emerges ( the Yuneec maybe as it looks decent once in people’s hands ).

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James Thumm 9th August 2016 - 02:38

Just got the phantom 4 had the phantom3 standard nothing compares……. when i wanted too upgrade there just wasnt a close competitor so i 2 stayed with dji


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