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Maybe a Matrice M600 will be announced

by 9to5dji

Maybe its not just a Phantom or Inspire going to be announced on March the 1st. Could this snippet from a firmware indicate the existence of a Matrice 600?

The firmware file, that made its way to my grubby little hands is very real and contains a direct reference to “Matrice600”. It seems to be an early firmware at version 1.0(rev 12).

Could this be announced at DJI’s event, or maybe its too early? Maybe, just maybe, there is no P4 announcement and its just this all along 🙁

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DJI RED Flying Flatform | langit.tv 18th April 2016 - 01:49

[…] DJI akan merilis M600 memang sudah terdengar santer. Sebut saja forum Phantom Inggris. Isu ini menyebutkan bahwa akan ada Phantom 4 lahir bersama […]


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