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Mavic Pro Accessories You Should Buy And Why

by 9to5dji

Even though the Mavic Pro is ready to fly right out of the box. Just pop two propellers on and you’re good to go (two come pre-attached). But why just settle for OOTB when you can accessorise the Mavic Pro.

In this article, we’ll introduce 6 essential accessories that can keep your Mavic Pro safe, and help you out when you’re in need

1: More Batteries. Buy Now
You only get 27 minutes flight time on a Mavic Pro ( if you are lucky ) so the flying experience can quickly come to an end. In my experience, taking at-least four batteries with you for a flying session guarantees you get the most from the Mavic during a day out. Try not to take too many with you though as if you do not use them, you then have fully charged batteries lying about. I always set the discharging time to 1 day so if I happen to not use a fully charged battery for a few days I know it will start to discharge itself.

2: Extra Propellers.
Standard Props Buy Now
Low Noise Props Buy Now
Cage Props Buy Now

Unlike batteries, I think you can have too many spare props. I think the best balance between needing spares and wasting money is one full spare set and a half set. They are cheap to buy and readily available so no need to stockpile on them.

3: Battery Charging Hub (Advanced). Buy Now
If you have more than one battery, the Advanced Charging Hub is a must. Unlike the standard one, this charges up to four batteries simultaneously in one hour less .

4: Aircraft Sleeve. Buy Now
While not required when using a backpack or case, the Mavic can be kept looking nicer by limiting scratches and other marks when in transportation. It also prevents dust from accumulating during storage.

5: Propeller Guards. Buy Now
Propeller Cage
 Buy Now
Prop Guards are one of them things you think is not required until you try and fly in a confined space and crash. With experience they are less required but I still use them for indoor shots as nothing would be more embarrassing then damaging a clients property during a gig.
Also available is a Cage that is much stronger than the prop guards and ideal for shooting in locations with trees and bushes.

6: Shoulder Bag. Buy Now
There are a load of bags, pouches and cases available for the Mavic from various vendors, DJI made the small compact pouch that fits the Mavic, remote and batteries as well as some other accessories all in a tidy package.

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