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by 9to5dji

Some new info. To start I have better quality images of the “Mavic”. In one of these new images you can also see the bottom of the Mavic. The user side seems to have a port on the side ( or vents ). There also seems to be two circular sensor type objects on the bottom. These could be new type of VPS ( LIDAR altimeter? ). If this is the case it could make the position gold of the craft very accurate up to about 50 feet.

DJI Mavic Underside

Other information is that there is DEFINITELY a new controller that will run a flavour on Android – The Controller model starts with “ZS“. This controller will have the DJI GO app installed as an App withing the OS. The controller will have a touch screen display. Not sure if this will be for the Mavic or the “Phantom 4 Professional” or even the Inspire 2, but it exists..

Other bits of info that can be gleaned from the RC OS is that there might well be new vision options like orbit around a tracker subject. Different camera modes are mentioned also like panorama capture and a timed video or image capture. The camera also lists modes like “A”, “M”, “Normal” and “S”..

Mavic Camera Modes Mavic Camera Modes Mavic Camera Modes Mavic Camera Modes Mavic Camera Modes
There are also mentions of an on screen joystick. Does this mean no physical controls? Will it just be a handheld touchscreen device?
Mavic Joystick Button
Also some images regarding the calibration on the vision sensors.
Mavic Vision Calibration Mavic Vision Calibration

Another interesting reference was for the name. We believe it will be called Mavic but in a configuration file it is references as Maverick. Not only this but there is also two versions mentioned, MaverickX and MaverickS, they are under a series name of “Maverick”. Is this a sign of two different versions being released? Lightbridge 2 is also listed as a connection type.

DJI Mavic Top View DJI Mavic Front Side View DJI Mavic Top Side View DJI Mavic Top Side View DJI Mavic Side View

Mavic TransformationMavic Transformation Mavic Transformation

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