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Mavic Firmware v01.03.0400

by 9to5dji
Mavic Firmware v01.03.0400

DJI have just released a new firmware for the Mavic, version 01.03.0400 – This is a maintenance/bug-fix release more than a feature one.

Should users update/trust this release? Yes, definitely.

What’s New?
1: Added a self-diagnostic test function for ultrasonic sensors every time the aircraft is powered on.
2: Improved the Interval Mode performance.
3: Upgraded the D-Log color mode to extend dynamic range.
4: Optimized the video transmission by reducing the transmission signal loss ratio.
1: Restart the aircraft and remote controller after upgrade is complete.
2: If the firmware upgrade fails, restart aircraft, remote controller and DJI GO 4, and retry.

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