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Mavic and P4P Features Coming to the Phantom 4

by 9to5dji
Mavic and P4P Features Coming to the Phantom 4

I know I have been a little quiet lately ( been busy with DJI Drone and non drone related work ) but would like to let you know ( from a reliable source ) that soon(ish) you will be able to update your Phantom 4 with a new shiny firmware that allows you to have some of the cool features the Mavic and P4P have. The new features coming to the P4 are as follows:

1: Gesture Mode
2: Draw Mode
3: Tripod Mode
4: Free TapFly Mode
5: Terrain Follow Mode
6: Profile Tracking Mode
7: Spotlight Mode

Extras included is precision landing, landing protection as well as smarter RTH

Below is an edited video received from a source.

I know, I know, bet you are now thinking “Holey F*king Sh*t, Amazeballs! When can I have it?” – The release date is not yet known but it will be within the month or early next ( I’m going to go with this month ). The update will be in the form of an Aircraft firmware and App ( IOS and Android ) update all in one big amazing release.
As I get more details ( if what I already posted is not amazing enough ), I will update this post.

Hope you guys cannot wait as much as me to have these new features 🙂 In the meantime, happy flying.

PS: This information was received form a reputable DJI source so can be trusted 🙂

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Bruno Gonçalves 17th January 2017 - 18:55

That’s great news….!
Would be even nice, if you could upgrade the P4 camera to the P4Pro camera… ehehe… that would be a great upgrade 😉

James 18th March 2017 - 17:48

I’d just love to be able to have the p4p camera on the p4

Steve 17th January 2017 - 20:40

Let’s hope it’s true. No reason why the standard Phantom 4 can’t do some of them features.

New features coming to the #DJI Phantom 4 #drone ⋆ Myke500 18th January 2017 - 07:56

[…] Mavic and P4P Features Coming to the Phantom 4 […]

Jantfrus 19th January 2017 - 16:54

Great news

Flying Duck 20th January 2017 - 01:01

Pleaaaaaase tell me this ain’t a wind up!?

Flying Duck 20th January 2017 - 17:39

Seriously, can you confirm this isn’t a joke? Like 110%?

Steve 20th January 2017 - 18:56

I have personally heard from a good source it apparently true too.

Aaron 24th January 2017 - 21:38

Any new updates. I think this would make a lot of new P4 owners very happy and not kicking themselves that they did .It buy the Magic instead.

Steve 26th January 2017 - 04:58

DJI have told me it’s delayed due to a leak that’s being investigated.

Flying Duck 26th January 2017 - 09:14

I guess that this is leak? Leaks are part of life DJI. Embrace it, release the firmware, and then carry out your investigation!

Steve 27th January 2017 - 17:29

Agreed. There’s always going to be a leak of some sort.
DJI need to accept this and just let people either test this software or release it.

Aaron 27th January 2017 - 19:01

So I am curious about what they mean by “leak” ? Memory Leak maybe?

Steve 28th January 2017 - 00:45

They didn’t say. But I was emailed by them and they confirmed it is in progress. However has been delayed. And I’m guessing Chinese New Year is delaying things a little too.

Flying Duck 31st January 2017 - 16:05

🙁 wannntttt nowwwwww

Flying Duck 7th February 2017 - 13:19

Any more updates on this from the inside sources??

Steve 7th February 2017 - 14:41

Been emailing DJI no response. I am as eager as you to get these features. Or at least some.

Jackmaddy 7th February 2017 - 19:58

I think vaporware..Sold my P4 for Mavic so all good ?

Dinerve 8th February 2017 - 06:40

It’s Chinese New Year, almost everything comes to a stop. I can’t wait but DJI’s been busy, they need the rest. I’m confident they won’t leave the P4 hanging.

Trev 8th February 2017 - 19:30

Will believe it when i see it

Trev 10th February 2017 - 17:41

Just updated my android phone to dji go 4.02…video stream breaks up and crashed on me once…will try it tomorrow in my backyard…no firmware update is included by the way

Trev 17th February 2017 - 17:50

Any more news on this or is it just wishfull thinking

Steve 17th February 2017 - 17:52

From what I can gather from the official DJI forums and DJI beta feedback. It was released for testing. So it’s just a matter of waiting.

Trev 27th February 2017 - 13:50

Taking it time isnt it

Trev 2nd March 2017 - 17:19

Well we have had 2 more updates to djipr04 but no updates for the phantom 4…bit annoyed really as they disontinued production of the p4 about aweek after i bought mine..if i had known i would ave waited for my mavic back order i cancelled…is the p4 going to be forgotton by dji ???

Stephen Vaudin 2nd March 2017 - 19:39

All I know from DJI source. Is that there where some issues with it. And it will be released soon.

Stephen Vaudin 3rd March 2017 - 04:18

DJI GO4 now has a new update with gesture mode and terrain follow for Phantom 4. Hopefully other modes to follow.

Flying Duck 3rd March 2017 - 10:13

I don’t see anything for P4 in update notes. I can’t confirm until later – have you verified that new features are available?

Stephen Vaudin 3rd March 2017 - 10:37

Yes definitely are available.

Flying Duck 3rd March 2017 - 15:52

One dud on DJI forum has tripod and draw too!! Nobody else though :/

Stephen Vaudin 3rd March 2017 - 15:54

Very odd.
Maybe it’s a glitch with the app revealing something maybe in the pipeline. Bit annoying that they appear and can’t use them.

Trev 4th March 2017 - 15:27

Gone quiet again..thought things were starting to happen

Stephen Vaudin 4th March 2017 - 15:55

Yes appears there is definitely a new firmware in the pipeline. It’s just a matter of when. The testers have been quite vocal on the DJI forum. Hinting that all the modes where available to them. It can’t be too long to wait as they are stuck on beta and can’t downgrade. So DJI will have to release an update of some sort.

Phantom4 4th March 2017 - 17:49

I have tested the P4 and the latest app enables all the features when using the test firmware.. I would think the general release firmware imminent.

Flying Duck 5th March 2017 - 12:41

I love it how a new app version comes out that actually introduces zero additional functionality for P4 users, has no mention of it in the notes – and all the beta testers, who have remained tight lipped for a couple of months, start spewing every little detail! BAD BETA TESTERS! 🙂

Phantom4 5th March 2017 - 14:57

I am not a beta tester.. Got the update(s) outside of any official testing 🙂

Stephen Vaudin 5th March 2017 - 13:28

I think it’s crazy how the new GO4 app show me gesture and terrain follow. And it’s not available to use. Make me begin to wonder what other parts of the app have problems. These are expensive birds we are flying here. Can’t risk an accident or drop from sky.
I’m grounding mine until either the app is updated again. Or the bird gets a firmware update. Probably being over cautious but I’m not risking injury to someone or a loss of bird.

Flying Duck 5th March 2017 - 13:37

Completely agree, When I was playing with the “””features””” on the ground, the app was behaving as if it new what it was doing. But if the firmware on the bird doesn’t know what you are asking of it, God only knows what could happen. There could also be a fair few people that select terrain follow, don’t notice that it has defaulted back to normal P mode, jump on their mountain bike and go cycling up a hill – game over.

Thankfully its pissing it down with rain here so I’m grounded either way.

Phantom4 5th March 2017 - 14:50

The current P4 firmware and latest app works fine, no issues.. Many times DJI release an app with features that need a firmware.. Never has it been an issue.. You can continue to fly without fear of an issue 🙂

Flying Duck 5th March 2017 - 15:00

I’ve never once received an app update that introduces unusable features. The last time a generation of aircraft were given features that belonged to the current gen was when the P3A and the P3P were given some of the P4 features. At no point were the features displayed in the app before they were functional. I’m not saying its likely to fall out the sky, I’m saying they’ve done it the wrong way round. It’s like buying a 8k Blu Ray disc, only to be told that that 8k Blu Ray players and TVs don’t exist yet. Or buying a video game that requires a PS5, Get the hardware ready, then worry about the software. No?

Phantom4 5th March 2017 - 15:08

Odd but has happened before but less obvious.. I think they pushed the App through apple’s validation a tad early maybe.. Hell, the P3 was released with no app at all 😀

But no risk in flying it though, that I can guarantee.. Im thinking it will be early next week for the firmware..

effy 5th March 2017 - 22:51

cant see any reason for dji to give some new features to a non manufactured drone
after all they need to sell there p4ps…

Flying Duck 6th March 2017 - 01:11

They did it with the P3A and the P3P. There are about 100 beta testers that have confirmed the features. So it’s happening whether you think it makes sense or not,

You could argue that by dragging the P4 up to P4P functionality, it convinces the P4P owners (who are statistically more likely to be the ones that need the latest and greatest) to go out and buy the P5 – so that they are have access to the next gen features.

They are essentially normalising the current gen features, to make what comes next seem even cooler.

Trev 8th March 2017 - 12:29

I smell bs on this…taking too long

Trev 12th March 2017 - 10:06

Where for art thou firmware update??

Trev 14th March 2017 - 21:55

Djigo4 405 released but still no new modes

Stephen Vaudin 15th March 2017 - 01:45

I know. I have gesture and terrain follow as options but they don’t work.
Wish DJI would just update one or the other either to remove them. Or new firmware to enable them. Unless they are holding off for the firmware because of recent issues with some third party apps.

albert k 31st March 2017 - 03:48

official firmware is expected early next month (april)

jim w. 31st March 2017 - 11:51

new firmware release, next 2 weeks 🙂

Stach 21st April 2017 - 17:55

I’m still waiting patiently. So will it be released on the 23rd with DJI’s “announcement”?

Has anyone with the beta firmware, that has the new features, received updated beta software lately?

Phantom4 21st April 2017 - 19:39

Already released..

DroneMan 22nd April 2017 - 12:51

No. It ain’t.

Phantom4 31st March 2017 - 11:55

Thanks for the feedback guys 🙂 Trev should be happy now.. You happy Trev?

Enjoy the features people, they will make the P4 as close to the P4P as it can be now..

Steve 24th April 2017 - 15:34

It’s not released. Where do you see it.
I’m beginning to think it’s never coming. Looking like DJI used people to test a new drone I.e. The P4 Advanced

cjsubs 7th July 2017 - 16:17

Aircraft Firmware: v02.00.0106
Remote Controller Firmware: v1.9.2.0
DJI GO 4 App iOS:V4.1.3
DJI GO 4 App Android:V4.1.2


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