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Mavic to be announced 27th September

by 9to5dji
[waiting name=Mavic] DJI have sent out invites to members of the press for an event on the 27th of September. Strong suggestions are that they will announce their leaked foldable drone, the Mavic.

The only info given is that it is in New York and the tagline “adventure at your fingertips” and “rediscover adventure with DJI

The Mavic is rumored to feature a 4K camera, two-axis gimbal, foldable arms, removable 3,380mAh battery, and an LCD-packing controller running Android.

From the most recently leaked images it also looks like it will have front facing obstacle avoidance just like the Phantom 4. The camera.gimbal slow looks different from what we are used to from DJI, There seems to be a tinted “dome” over the camera. This could be to protect the camera/gimbal in the event of a crash or to make it more weather resistant.

You can also see how the arms will fold out from this image too.

DJI Mavic Front View

DJI Mavic Side View


Here is a video showing how the Mavic arms will unfold.

Pen the date in your diary, something cool is coming.


DJI Mavic


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