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Leaked DJI Phantom 4 App Schreenshot

by 9to5dji

Another day another Phantom 4 leaked image. I am happy with this one though as it pretty much means I do not need to rename my blog :). There had been may names in the pipeline, X, Tomato, Sense, Enthusiast but I think we can put this one to bed now.

This image seems to be a photograph of a screen showing the device selection part of the GO App ( maybe we don’t get a new App ). It also gives us the clearest view yet of the gimbal and camera. We cannot tell the specification but from the image the way it attaches looks very much like it could be removed like you can with the Inspire 1.

In the image yuo can also see the new design propellers that have quick release mechanism this time around. On the side there is what looks like connection ports also. Most likely one will be the SD slowt as there does not seem to be one on the camera and possibly an USB port similar to what’s in different locations on the Phantom 3.

Lastly about this image. Its likely from a Beta App that is for sure but what is strange is that it looks like it was taken of a computer screen not a iPad or similar mobile device. Its an unlikely theory but can we be getting a PC version of the App similar to the Phantom 2 Assistant? Unlikely, this image was probably taken of the App development stage..
Phantom 4 Camera

Other parts of the image that get confirmed is the sensors on the top of the lens are more than just sonar and are in fact a camera type sensor.
Phantom 4 Sensors

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