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Is this the Phantom 4?

by 9to5dji

New images have appeared that possibly show the Phantom 4. If this is real and it is the Phantom 4, a few things of note..

1: Front ( and possibly rear ) object avoidance. You can see them in the legs.
2: Similar camera but attaches to the gimbal on both sides like the X5 does ( but this looks like it has dual motors?? ). maybe its heavier.
3: VPS built into the shell not a separate item.
4: Bland and boring looking shell, and very shiny.
5: Not many vents on the shell…
6: Little hoops on the end of the arms. Possibly for some attachment like prop guard.
7: Shiny under-body. Possibly metal or reflective coating on the plastic. It could also be that its the gimbal plate integrated into the body. Possibly integrated LB2?
8: Looks like a wider battery compartment.
9: Gimbal looks like it could be capable of 360 degree. Also if you look closely, it looks like there is a retractable legs feature?
10: Much more powerful motors.

This could also be nothing or another brand of Quadcopter 🙂
DJI Phantom 4Phantom 4 Retractable LegsPhantom 4 Front Sensors Phantom 4 Hooks On Arms Phantom 4 Built In VPS Phantom 4 Wider Battery Compartment Phantom 4 Y Shaped camera Mount

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