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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Phantom 3?

by 9to5dji

With some kind of announcement scheduled for march the 1st that might or might not announce a Phantom 4 ( maybe even with a different name, damn you DJI will need to re-brand the site! ), Is not a good time to invest in a Phantom 3 Pro?

I know I now, no one likes to buy a product so close to the announcement of a new model but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s a very enticing offer.

The Phantom 3 Pro has come a long way since day one with firmware updates and it can be thought of as a rock solid platform for aerial video and photos. yes it has had its downs. The shell cracking kind of took the shine off of it a little for some people but DJI did come good and replace the shells free of charge. There have been some suspect battery issues also that have been fixed in firmware lately.

But taking its small amount of flaws, I doubt you will find an UAV that matches it in spec and the price its now available at ( £949 ). Just look what you get for the money.

1: 4K video recording
2: 720p video downlink
3: A solid positioning system indoors and out
4: Full app control of the camera

Not a chance you could self build something at tha price the P3P is available.

The Phantom 4 ( if that’s what it is called ) is likely to be a feature bump to the P3P with an added cost ( maybe in the region of £1600 ) so if you really look at the Phantom 4 and think, I don’t want any of those new fangly features then the P3P suddenly looks like a nice offer.

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