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UPDATE: Inspire 2 Launch – November 15th?

by 9to5dji
DJI Inspire 2

It’s way overdue and well anticipated by fans, so when will the Inspire 2 be announced? Well, recently we have had a “leaked” image showing what is supposedly the Inspire 2. Along with this visual delight was an invitation to press for an event in Los Angeles on November the 15th. So, can this mean that DJI finally announce it? Let’s hope.

UPDATE: WeTalkUAV ( make sure to visit them, great site ) have posted some new images of the battery and also a cylindrical charging hub supposedly for the Inspire 2. The Images match the leaked Inspire 2 images so are likely fro the same product.

The way the battery slides in and the thickness of them seems to point to the possibility of it being capable of having dual batteries. And within the power button seemingly on the battery, the round objects on the top of the Inspire 2 body are likely monocular cameras.
Inspire 2 BatteryInspire 2 Charging Hub
Leaked image of what is reportedly the new Inspire 2. Same type landing gear, different battery, object avoidance.
DJI Inspire 2 Leaked Image

An invitation to a press announcement was sent to journalists.
DJI Press Announcement November 15th Los Angeles

What is widely expected to be the RC for the new Inspire emerged in an FCC application a few weeks back, the GL6D10A
Inspire 2 GL6D10A

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