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Inspire 2 FCC ID

by 9to5dji
DJI Inspire 2 T650A

Well it looks like it may well be official, there is an Inspire 2 on the way. When an FCC ID for a DJI product makes it’s way onto the internet, the product is not far behind on getting released.

One thing the FCC ID gives away is that the Inspire 2 will be slightly bigger in dimension that the Inspire 1 with a slight more powerful battery too.

Inspire 1: 46.0 cm (L) x 44.0 cm (W) x 31.0 cm(H), rated input voltage: DC 22.2V from lithium battery.
Inspire 2: 47.0 cm (L) x 44.0 cm (W) x 33.0 cm(H), rated input voltage: DC 22.8V from lithium battery.

We know there is an announcement on the 15th in LA from DJI so this is likley to be the Inspire 2 or the Phantom 4 Pro ( or both 🙂 ).

Not much info i the FCC ID other than it seems to be running 2.4, 5.8 and it’s model number will be T650A . Have a read here – https://fccid.io/SS3-T650A1609

DJI Inspire 2 T650A

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