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Inspire 2? DJI Wind? Something Else?

by 9to5dji
DJI Announcement - Inspire 2 - DJI Wind

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Been on Holiday so this is a little belated post. On Thursday 1st September @ the IFA in Berlin, Germany DJI will announce something new. The Clue we have from the is “Beyond Smart”

There is very little information that can be taken with any credibility that a new Inspire 2 is on the way. A couple days back some info came about regarding “DJI Wind”, a weather proof industrial quad that takes some design elements from the Matrice 600 and Agras MG-1. Some claim that the Wind is a hoax but we will need to wait and see. The name “Wind” might well be a code-name and possibly it will have a different name ( like ZD900 I posted about previously ).

DJI Wind
So, what do we know of Wind? Well the leaked spec is as follows:

1: DJI Wind 1 – Industrial Drone that is rumoured to be Rainproof ( don’t see how as the Z3 is not weather sealed )
2: “Windproof “- Max Wind Resistance 12 m/s (26.84mph / 43.2 km/h)
3: Size – 740mm Diagonal from Motor to Motor
4: Dimension – 582mm (L) x 582mm (W) x 280mm (H)
5: Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
6: Weight (with TB47D Battery x 2) 4040 grams
7: Weight (with TB48D Battery x2) 4225 grams
8: Max Takeoff Weight: 6000 grams
9: Max Load Weight (With TB47D x2): 1960 grams
10: Max Load Weight (With TB48D x2): 1735 grams
11: Hover Accuracy (GPS Mode)
Vertical: 0.5 m Horizontal: 2.5 m
12: Max Angular Velocity:
itch-axis: 300°/s
Yaw-axis: 150°/s
13: Max Pitch Angle 35°
14: Max Ascent Speed: 5 m/s
15: Max Descent Speed: 4 m/s
16: Max Wind Resistance: 12 m/s
17: Max Flight Speed
22 m/s (in ATTI mode, no payload, no wind)
17 m/s (in GPS mode, no payload, no wind)
18: Flight Times:
Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2) 38 minutes
Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2 + Zenmuse X3) 31 minutes
Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2 + Zenmuse Z3) 31 minutes
Hover Time (with TB48D Battery x2 + Zenmuse XT) 31 minutes
19: Propulsion System: Customized E1200 Motors

DJI Wind 1 with Zenmuse Z3

Similar to the Agras MG-1, the Wind is rumoured to cool itself by taking in air from the front and filtering any dust particles then flows that air through the carbon fibre arms and exiting through the motors, cooling them and the internal components in the process. It will retail at about £8500 and include two batteries and a case.

DJI Wind 1 in Case

In the image above you see the “DJI Wind” in it’s case. Similar controller to the Inspire/P4 is seen as well as space for 10 batteries. You can also see a mounting point CAN-BUS connector for accessories like a camera/sensors. If true, the DJI Wind will likely be a full RTK compatible craft.

So, apart fro the DJI Wind what else do we have to ponder about? Well, a day or so ago an image appeared in SB-DJI blog of a battery. It is a very small 3S, 3830 maH battery that is unlikely to be for a new Inspire 2 unless that is a small craft ( unlikely ). Could this be a well requested/anticipated DJI FPV racing quad? Could be although most racing quads these days use bigger 4S and 5S batteries. It could be be DJI dipping its toes into te racing world or even making a smaller quad that is 4k ( or 5/8 even ) to kill off the upcoming GoPro Karma drone ( and killing it off before it’s even got in the air ).

DJI LiPo 3S leak

We all will need to wait until Thursday to find out it seems 🙂

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