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Inspire 2 Announced November 8th?

by 9to5dji
Inspire 2 - November 8th

The slimmest of information regarding an announcement of the Inspire 2 has come in the form of a post in the forum InspirePilots.com – The post, by a news user who magically received the info from a birdie says it will be November 8th to coencide with a holiday in China.

How much truth is in this, who the hell knows, maybe lots maybe none. The interesting info is a price. It is said to be 17,300 Yuan ( approx. $2,591.88 US Dollars or £1,958 British Pounds ).

Only other info provided was that it will have obstacle avoidance and an FPV camera ( something we already thought, so not earth shattering info ).

Roll on November 8th 🙂

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